Thursday, 12 November 2009

Hello from Jan

My name is Jan. My school’s name is Flataskoli. I am a boy. My age is ten and I have four siblings one brother and three sisters. I have a cat and her name is Ponsa. My favorite sport is climbing and my favorite book is Horrid Henry and the author is Francesca Simon. My favorite food is spaghetti Carbonara. My favorite season is winter because the snow is so fun with snowballs and snow igloos and snowman.


Tod said...

Hi, Tod here, I like the snow too because once at school when I was in
primary 3 the primary 7's made a giant snow ball. After a while some of the boys went and jumped on it.
after a while it split like an egg.I hope you speak back soon.

Diamond said...

Hi! I dont like the snow! Because when i was 7 my mum put a snowball down my shirt and i havent liked the snow ever since! Hope you write back soon!
From Diamond.