Friday, 14 May 2010

Tammy's Birthday

On the 21st of May we are going to the Seabird Centre birthday party. We are going because Corbett won a competition for the best competition entry for a birthday card. On Thursday the 13th of May Tammy the Puffin came to visit our class. He was very big and funny! At the seabird centre there will be all of the entrys to be viewed there. When he came in he started touching the interactive white board with his fingers which he thought was a touchscreen! His fur was really soft. He was shy and he got bored quickly. We thought the man in the costume was boiling because it was thick fur!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

King Loth by Monarch and Maggie

The school play, King Loth was a great success. The auditions started in May 2009. we started rehearsing after school on Wednesday. Everybody had a costume for their part. The performance took place at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh. We performed for two nights on Wednesday and Thursday evening. It was from P4-P7. The story was based on the legend of King Loth The ruler of East Lothian. I am Monarch my part is one of the main parts called Erec the shepherd's son. I am Maggie my part is Mordred's man.

King Loth by Shortbread and Osprey

Hello it's Shortbread and Osprey here.
We are sending this post to tell you about our school play (King Loth).
We really enjoyed the performances. We performed the play in the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh which made it more exciting for us!
I,Shortbread, was a witch. It was great fun. I had to brush my hair backwards which made it stick up really badly! There were 6 witches. I had lots of black makeup and red fake nails on. We performed it on Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21th of January, in the evening. The performance was from 7:30 until 9:45. The auditions started in May although I wasn't here for them because I moved to this school in the summer so I just got the part of a witch which I am glad of! Rehearsals started in August and they were also after school on Wednesdays. They were a bit boring but they were DEFINITELY worth it!

I, Ospery, was a monk. It was great fun. I got to dance everywhere and I got to sing a lot. We found Thenew on the beach where we were collecting shells. Thenew is King Loth's daughter. There were 12 monks. We were working on this play for a long time and it was so much fun. It was definitely worth it! All P4/7 took part in the play.

King Loth by Jeckyfortyfeet

Hi, it's Jeckyfortyfeet here!

On the 20th and 21st January 2010 the p4 to 7s performed a show called King Loth at the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh. In May we had auditions and my part was Lord Mordred's scout 2. The whole cast had costumes.
We started rehearsals in August after school. King Loth is based on the legend of King Loth. In the play King Loth casts his daughter away in a boat so that Mordred does not get her. It was a great experience!!! At the end I fought Craw.

King Loth by Craw

Hi, it's Craw here. Recently we put a show on called KING LOTH. I was a man of Goddodin.
KING LOTH is an East Lothian based story. My favourite part was the start when I was dead. At the end we defeat the men of Fib which is the BAD team. This has been performed at THE BRUNTON THEATRE in Musselburgh. King LOTH and Lord MORDRED are enemies. At the end Loth dies and Mordred gets knocked out. The show
was on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of January 2010.

King Loth by Crannog

Hi I am Crannog.on January 20th to 21st. We did King Loth. Primary 4 to 7 performed the show..It was at the Brunton Theatre(Musselburgh). I was Loth's guard. We all had costumes. The show started at7.30 to 10.00.
In the first scene I had to lie on pretending to be dead. It was a great experience!!!

King Loth by Lang Syne

Hello! I am just about to tell you about The Legend of King Loth that P4/7 performed in the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh. We started to audition in May 2009 and then started rehearsing in August. We rehearsed on Wednesdays during the day and some of us stayed after school as well. We all had costumes that were either borrowed or made by Fran. The costumes were great. In the play I played a Lady in Waiting. We performed it twice on a Wednesday night and Thursday night. In the story there are two enemies. There names are Lord Mordred and King Loth. Princess Thenew, the daughter of King Loth, leaves with Erec, a shepherd. When King Loth finds out he searches for his daughter and when he finds her he casts her away in a boat. Thenew finds herself on an island called Inchcolme. There is a lot of monks. They heal her bruises and take her back home when she is better. At the end of the play King Loth dies. Just before he dies he gives his sword to Erec and Erec and Thenew live in the castle happily ever after.

King Loth by Broch

Hi it's Broch here.Recently we put a show on called King Loth.p4/7 were involved. King Loth is an East Lothian based story. It was performed for 2 days in the Brunton Theatre I played a Tracker.My favorite part was when I was choked by the nasty witches.Lord Mordred of Fib is King Loth's enemy.

King Loth by Bumbee and Runrig

In King Loth Bumbee was a Monk and Runrig was one of King Loth's soldiers. The show was at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh. The show was last week. We did really well. It was great and really a lot of fun. We started rehearsals in August. We both were on King Loth's team. We did rehearsals after school. We stayed for another forty five minutes after school on Wednesdays.

King Loth by Tod

Hi I'm Tod. I was a Monk in the show.The Monks were supposed to be a little mad because we were stuck on an island called Inchcombe.A lady called Fran made our costumes for the play. I really really enjoyed it and I will never forget it.

King Loth by Galden agle and Cappercallie

Hello this is Galden agle and Cappercallie.We are going to tell a little bit about our school production.We started rehearsing in August 2009.We were told we were going to perform at the Brunton theatre that's when we got really excited.Galden agle was one of Mordred's guards and Cappercallie was one of Mordred's men.Our favourite part was when we sang our song called we the fighting men of Fib.It's about a king called king Loth and an evil man called lord Mordred of Fib.

King Loth - by Waasp and Sporran

King Loth is a proformance that we did at the Brunton Theatre ( Musselburgh ). We started auditions in May and rehearsals in August. Everybody from primary 4-7 was involved and wore a costume. Sporran's part was a Lord and Waasp was a man of Goddodan. King Loth is an ancient King. King Loth was performed on the 20/21 of January 2010 on two nights only.

King Loth by diamond.

Hello, on January 20th and 21st, primary four right up to primary seven (that means me and all the other primary sixes) did an amazing show called King Loth. It is about a king who's queen was kidnapped by the enemy kingdom. We started rehearsals in August after school on Wednesdays. The performance took place in The Brunton Theatre (Musselburgh). I played a lady in waiting, a rich lady who goes to all the feasts and balls. We all had an amazing time.

King Loth by Cleg

I was a man of Goddodin. I had to lie down on the floor and pretend to be dead. We fought people. King Loth and Mordred fought. We all walked on for the finale. I felt happy because no other school in the world has done this.

King Loth by Blackie

Hi! It's Blackie here. I'm going to tell you about our school play.It all started in May 2009 when we auditioned for our play, King Loth. King Loth was a medeival king who loses his queen to Mordred. Mordred is an evil lord. I played one of Morderd's soldiers. It was hard to look angry when you were not. We performed in a professional theatre called the Brunton Theatre. The Brunton Theatre is in Musselburgh. The performance was on for two nights. The costume maker is called Fran. She is very skilled. The experience was great fun!!!

King Loth by Doo

Hello I'm Doo and I'm here to tell you about the play King Loth that p4/7 did.the play is about a girl who is in love with a man who is a shepherd and her father is not happy and he wants her to stay away from this man that she loves. When it comes to her birthday she gets to see him. In the end her father dies and she is with the man she loves.

King Loth by Corbett

Hello! I'm about to tell you about the play P4/7 performed, The Legend of King Loth. Excitingly, the performance took place in the Brunton Theatre which is in Musselburgh. We performed two nights, Wednesday and Thursday. We have been rehearsing for a long time. The auditions started in May 2009 and we started rehearsing in August. We all worked hard after school and within school. Fran, our costume helper and maker made most of the costumes or tweaked the borrowed costumes. The costumes were fantastic and helped us all look the part. In the play I acted a monk which meant I had to act very mad. All the monks had been isolated on the island of Inchcolme. Basically in the play there are two enemies, Lord Morderd of Fib and King Loth. It is Princess Thenew's 16th birthday but Mordred wants to take over. He defeats King Loth and the King dies.

Friday, 18 December 2009

We love your Santas!

Mr Purves' class have just looked at your Icelandic Santas. We found them very different from our Santa (we only have one!) but we enjoyed reading about them very much.

We would like to ask you all some questions:-

Which one is your favourite Santa? Why?
The information is very interesting- does everyone in Iceland know about them?
Which Santa do you like least? Why?
Which Santa do you think is the funniest?

Thank you for this great information!
If you would like to see our class blog then click to read.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Our Christmas decorations

In class, we have been making decorations in preparation for our school Christmas dinner, which we enjoyed yesterday. We all made our own table decorations, some of which you can see below.

Jecky forty-feet made a Santa decoration.

Lang Syne's decoration was based on elves.

Corbett's decoration was very colourful!

Crannog (above) and Tod (below) made Santas with elves.

Here you can see some of us at our Christmas lunch.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Icelandic Santa Clauses

Our class is going to tell you about the Icelandic Santa Clauses.
In Iceland there are 13 Santa’s. They are called Jolasveinar which means, Christmas Boys. They have been a part of the Icelandic Christmas tradition for a long time. Grýla and Leppalúði are their parents. They are frightenful creatures and have a reputation for snatching and eating children who are naughty.
When stories about the Jolasveinar first appeared, they were scary creatures just like their parents. Over the years, they have become milder, gentler creatures who are fun to be around.
The Icelandic Santa Clauses come one by one, and start arriving 13 days before Christmas.


Stekkjastaur is the fyrst Santa Claus to arrive. He is the biggest and the oldest brother, he also want to be the boss. Stekkjastaur can be really aggressive and very mad if the younger brothers irritate him. Stekkjasur has a wooden leg.


Gully gawk is number two of the Santa Clauses to arrive. He is the biggest and the strongest of the brothers. He is shy with the grownups but has fun with kids. He is very modes and doesn’t want anyone to see him. He has a hard time hiding so he puts his hat over his eyes. He doesn’t like the light’s but is satisfied with the Northern lights.


The fourth Santa Claus is Þvörusleikir. He is a ball of fire in the group who tells endless jokes to everyone that are around him – but mostly to him self. Þvörusleikir loves spoons and licks them even though they are not clean.


Stúfur is the third Santa Claus. He is the smallest of his brother but he is self-assured. He thinks he is smarter than his bigger brothers and tells funny stories where he is a big hero. Stúfur is so small that he needs to take four steps when his brothers take one.


Pottaskefill or Pot-Scraper is number five. He likes the same food as Þvörusleikir or Spoon-Lickes. They love food leftovers. When Pot Scraper is around you don’t need a dishwasher because he licks all the dishes for you. Pot Scraper is very much afraid of the cold but he dances to get warm. Pot-Scraper is a prankster and thinks it is fun to tease Spoon-Licker.


Hurðaskellir is the seventh to come to town. Hurðaskellir is not the biggest Santa Claus but he makes the most noise. He likes to slam doors and let the houses vibrate. One time he slammed a door in the Santa cave in Dimmuborgum so hard that it scattered in to a toothpick. Hurðaskellir is a good singer and sings the highest of the entire Santa’s. He makes the most noise when he dances around the Christmas tree.


Askasleikir is the sixth to come to town. He loves to lick leftovers from an old type of bowl called askur. He is very messy but very nice. Askasleikir dreams of hooking an old pot to eat out of. He can be unlucky and tends to fall allot.


The ninth Santa Claus is Bjúgnakrækir. Bjúgnakrækir means that he loves sausage and he swipes them whenever he can. He does not understand how Skyrgámur can live eating skyr the Icelandic yoghurt because he only wants to eat sausage. Obviously he gets excited when he sees’ sausages and puts ten sausages in his mouth at a time. Sometimes you can see tomato sauce and mustard in his mustache.


Skyrgámur is the eight Santa Clause to arrive. He is friendly and very calm. He often falls asleep standing up. His favorite moments are when he sits in his chair all day and rubs his tummy and eats Icelandic skyr. Skyr is an Icelandic type of yogurt and that is where Skyrgámur gets his name from. He loves children and is good at calming the most difficult children by telling them a good story.


The tenth Santa Clause is Gluggagægir. Gluggagægir means: Someone is always peeking by your window. He is tremendously curious and he puts his nose on the window to watch the kids. But Gluggagægir is not just a spy, he is also a gadget man. His favorite thing to do is screw things apart and then tries to put them together again. It doesn’t always go so well and sometimes you can see screws and wires all over the place in their cave.


Gáttaþefur is the eleventh Santa Clause to arrive in town. Gáttaþefur means a Santa with a big and strange nose. His nostrils are so wide he can smell Icelandic bread all the way from Bárðardal. Icelandic bread is his favorite food and he wants it with a lot of butter. If Gáttaþefur has not found a good food smell for a long time his nose gets smaller like a little pimple. And then it gets bigger like a balloon when he smells food again.


On Þorlaksmessu , the day before Christmas, kjötkrókur gets up and comes to town. He is little bit different from his brothers because on him is a sharp hook. Before he used the hook to hook up smoked lamb through the chimney houses. Now Kjötkrókur sneaks around shops and tries to hook up smoked lamb out of shopping karts from people. Kjotkrokur is lively and a fun guy and as fun as Door-Slammer. He has fun in sports even though he isn’t good in anyone except jumping over heystacks.


Kertasníkir is the last, number 13 to come to the town. He comes to town on Christmas morning with a full bag of Christmas presents. Many kids leave candles in their shoes for Kertasníki and he uses them to light up Dimmuborgir. Kertasníkir is the best friend to all children. He is a good messenger of the Christmas spirit and wishes everyone peace and happiness.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Reading the blog from Scotland

This morning the 5th class was in the computer room reading the blog from Yester school. They were commenting at the blog and they liked it. They are hoping they will get some good blog friends from Scotland. You can see us in the computer room on the picture.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hello everyone- from P5/6 in Yester!

A huge "Hello" to everyone in Flataskoli from all of us here in Yester's P5/6 class!
Here we are as a class, and we are also sending you our individual introductions, which you can read in detail below.
We hope you enjoy meeting us, and also reading the comments we have left over the past few days on your introductions.
Great to meet you!