Tuesday, 26 January 2010

King Loth by Corbett

Hello! I'm about to tell you about the play P4/7 performed, The Legend of King Loth. Excitingly, the performance took place in the Brunton Theatre which is in Musselburgh. We performed two nights, Wednesday and Thursday. We have been rehearsing for a long time. The auditions started in May 2009 and we started rehearsing in August. We all worked hard after school and within school. Fran, our costume helper and maker made most of the costumes or tweaked the borrowed costumes. The costumes were fantastic and helped us all look the part. In the play I acted a monk which meant I had to act very mad. All the monks had been isolated on the island of Inchcolme. Basically in the play there are two enemies, Lord Morderd of Fib and King Loth. It is Princess Thenew's 16th birthday but Mordred wants to take over. He defeats King Loth and the King dies.

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Urður Helga said...

Hello it´s Urður here.
I think your costumes are very cool.
I belive your shcool play was enjoyable and fun play.
We didn´t have a school play now on the easter but I wish we have.
Bye bye Urður Helga.