Tuesday, 26 January 2010

King Loth by Craw

Hi, it's Craw here. Recently we put a show on called KING LOTH. I was a man of Goddodin.
KING LOTH is an East Lothian based story. My favourite part was the start when I was dead. At the end we defeat the men of Fib which is the BAD team. This has been performed at THE BRUNTON THEATRE in Musselburgh. King LOTH and Lord MORDRED are enemies. At the end Loth dies and Mordred gets knocked out. The show
was on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st of January 2010.

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I&R said...

Hi this is Ragnheidur and Ingibjorg. Was it fun playing a dead man?. And why was it your favorite part? Our favorite play was Hljomhyra and it was a musical play showt in Flataskoli. It was very fun :).