Tuesday, 26 January 2010

King Loth by Lang Syne

Hello! I am just about to tell you about The Legend of King Loth that P4/7 performed in the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh. We started to audition in May 2009 and then started rehearsing in August. We rehearsed on Wednesdays during the day and some of us stayed after school as well. We all had costumes that were either borrowed or made by Fran. The costumes were great. In the play I played a Lady in Waiting. We performed it twice on a Wednesday night and Thursday night. In the story there are two enemies. There names are Lord Mordred and King Loth. Princess Thenew, the daughter of King Loth, leaves with Erec, a shepherd. When King Loth finds out he searches for his daughter and when he finds her he casts her away in a boat. Thenew finds herself on an island called Inchcolme. There is a lot of monks. They heal her bruises and take her back home when she is better. At the end of the play King Loth dies. Just before he dies he gives his sword to Erec and Erec and Thenew live in the castle happily ever after.


Janey said...

Well done Lang Syne. You were a beautiful Lady in waiting.

Monarch's Mum

Hafdís and Sigga said...

Hello, our name is Sigga and Hafdís. We would like to see the play on a video. We hope the play is going well. This is a very exiting play.