Tuesday, 26 January 2010

King Loth by Monarch and Maggie

The school play, King Loth was a great success. The auditions started in May 2009. we started rehearsing after school on Wednesday. Everybody had a costume for their part. The performance took place at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh. We performed for two nights on Wednesday and Thursday evening. It was from P4-P7. The story was based on the legend of King Loth The ruler of East Lothian. I am Monarch my part is one of the main parts called Erec the shepherd's son. I am Maggie my part is Mordred's man.


Janey said...

Well Done. You are both stars.

Thorri+Jan said...

This play sure sounds intresting. We whould like to see it. But we are in Iceland so we cant. But if you send photos or anithing ,we will be werry happy!

Þorri+Jan said...

This is Thorri and Jan again and we like the idea of this play. Can we mabye get photos or a video?