Tuesday, 26 January 2010

King Loth by Galden agle and Cappercallie

Hello this is Galden agle and Cappercallie.We are going to tell a little bit about our school production.We started rehearsing in August 2009.We were told we were going to perform at the Brunton theatre that's when we got really excited.Galden agle was one of Mordred's guards and Cappercallie was one of Mordred's men.Our favourite part was when we sang our song called we the fighting men of Fib.It's about a king called king Loth and an evil man called lord Mordred of Fib.

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Capercaillie's Mum said...

Hi Golden eagle and Capercaillie,
I went to see this play last week with my family and all of the children were excellent, so well done all of you!
I think the costumes were fabulous as well. Glad you had such a great time doing it.