Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Our Christmas decorations

In class, we have been making decorations in preparation for our school Christmas dinner, which we enjoyed yesterday. We all made our own table decorations, some of which you can see below.

Jecky forty-feet made a Santa decoration.

Lang Syne's decoration was based on elves.

Corbett's decoration was very colourful!

Crannog (above) and Tod (below) made Santas with elves.

Here you can see some of us at our Christmas lunch.


Diamond said...

I had so much fun at that christmas lunch!

Bjorg said...

The elves and santas are very colorful and cool!

Erlendur said...

nice table decoration i like them what did you eat? how did you make the table decoration? Hope to hear from you.

my name is Erlendur

Thorvardur said...

What did you eat? I woud like to try to make one of those table decoration.

Klara said...

All this stuff is wreally nice stuff!!

but what dit you eat on Christmas lunch??

See you later Klara

Sigga said...


Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope that you did have a good Christmas.

See you, Sigga

Bjorg said...

What kind of Christmas lunch did you have? Hopefully you all had a good Chritmas whith your family and got a lot of fun presents and good food.

Bjarni said...

hi from iceland hopefully you had a great christmas and had great gifts by from Bjarni

Urður Helga said...

Your elves and Santas are very colorful and cute.
What kind of lunch did you eat?
I hope you all had a good Christmas with your family and got a lot of presents and lot of fun.
Write soon Urður Helga.

Einar said...

Did you like your Christmas food? I liked mine.

Jan said...

Hello from Jan.I hope you all had a good Christmas, I had.

PS: Waht do you eat for Christmas lunc???

Gunnar said...

I had smoked pork what did you eat for Christmas?