Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hello, I'm Waasp!

Hello my name is Waasp and I am 9 years old. My mum works for Mars the chocolate company and my Dad works as an Engineer. I have one brother he is four years old. I go to school in Gifford. In the town we have a co-op food shop and a paper shop called Hogg’s. There is a large Church and two hotels.
My favourite sport is Football, I support Manchester United. I have three friends that live on my street and we go to the woods to play. It takes ten minutes to walk to school. My favourite food is lasagne. I have three pets, two cats and one dog.

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Thorvardur said...

Hi Waasp. My name is Thorri. Last year I was in Amarica, I lived in Amarica for three years. I have no pets. Do you get free chocolet some times? And I support Manchester and Liverpool.I do not watch mutch soccer, but I play it.Good luck on eny test of Your's.


Thorvardur B.