Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hi Iceland, I'm Highland!

My name is Highland. I’m 10 years old. I have brown eyes and hair. My favourite colours are yellow and pink! I have 5 pets. I have 4 cats their names are Biba, Mimi, Sooty and Mr A and I have one dog called Jock. My favourite food is spaghetti. My hobbies are dancing, singing, horse riding, collating hats and collating prises.


Andri said...

Cool, my favourite colours are blue and black. My pets name is Misty. Hope 2 hear from you soon and 2 let you know more about me.

Ragnheiður Sóllilja said...

Hi. My favorite colour is pink to. And i like dancing :)

bye bye
Ragnheiður Sóllilja