Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hello from Corbett!

I am a girl and I am ten years old. I have blue eyes and light brown hair. I have one sister and she is twelve. My Mum works as a homeopath and my Dad is a statistician. I LOVE animals. Especially horses, penguins and cats. I have three cats except one of our cats, Ollie got lost. We have a black cat named Dinah. Dinah is very friendly and purrs loudly. The other cat is named Leo, he’s a bit feisty so you have to watch out. I like watching Friends on telly.


magnus / maggi said...

i love dogs and i hate cats

Ragnheiður Sóllilja said...

I like animals too. I have three dogs tere names are Frigg, Fróði and Fía Sól.
Bye bye
Ragnheiður Sóllilja